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Server is closed forever. I got bored of development.

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 [READ] Problems logging into BreakingMS?

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PostSubject: [READ] Problems logging into BreakingMS?   Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:46 pm

Please read these common problems before you decide to post a new thread in the Problems section.
Problems Logging Into BreakingMS

When I type in my account information and password, it says that it is not a registered ID.

You must register for the game here: http://officialbreakingms.tk/ -----> Register
Forum accounts and in-game accounts are not the same.

When I try to log in, it says "This ID is already logged in or under inspection", what do I do?

Use the log out site: http://officialbreakingms.tk/ -----> Login ------> Character Fixes ------> Fix

I tried the link above, and I still am unable to log onto my account; my friends say they can see or /find my character; I can log onto another account and /find my character.

Congratulations! You're stuck. Please play on a different account until the next server restart (the server usually restarts about every 5-6 hours). If you do not have another account, register for one here: http://officialbreakingms.tk/ ------> Login --------> Character Fixes ------> Select Character -------> Fix
You may ask a GM to disconnect your character.

After logging in, I select my character and then it brings me back to the log in area and shows a message saying: "Unable to log on to the game server. Please try again later." or "Unable to connect to the game server. Please try again later." as shown below:

Either the server is experiencing technical difficulties, or you need a map fix: http://officialbreakingms.tk/ ------> Login --------> Character Fixes ------> Select Character -------> Fix

When I select my character, it disconnects me out of the program, goes back to the desktop, and gives me the following message:

This means you are MAC banned. Follow this link: http://breakingms.forumotion.com/t4-read-guide-to-unban-request-section and THEN post an Unban Request thread if it applies to you.

When I try to log in, the following message appears: You're ID has been blocked or deleted.
What do I do?

This means you are banned. Follow this link:http://breakingms.forumotion.com/t4-read-guide-to-unban-request-section and THEN post your Unban Request thread, if it applies to you.

Please remember that the BreakingMS staff is here to help. If you have a personal in-game problem, feel free to private message one of the GMs, myself included.
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[READ] Problems logging into BreakingMS?

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