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Server is closed forever. I got bored of development.

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 Gm Application [Adxrable]

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New player

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PostSubject: Gm Application [Adxrable]   Gm Application [Adxrable] EmptyThu Jul 21, 2011 5:18 pm

Michael Lapré (Adxrable)




I am in in the Eastern (EST) timezone.

My email is kenzrara@live.ca

Im a french canadien and i live in canada on Quebec.But i speak very very well English.I have search a lot of server with my friend but i thinks i have find the good. Is your BreakingMs a Wonserful server where i want be a GM.

How long have you played BreakingMS and MapleStory/MapleSEA?
I have play 3 Day and i thinks that a wonderful server because is easy to lvl up and play with our friends for have fun.i have explore your server and i think is very well done.I will continue to play have fun for know more about the server.

How long are you on the BreakingMS Forums?
I'm new on forum but i was a Forum GM on a lot of server to know how that work.I will explore the server sometime to check if some person want help and if i'm able to answer to their question.

How can you contribute to BreakingMS?
I'm able to code all npc you want i can do some advertisement for and do a promo for your server.I can be a good Gm who don't abuse of my power.I will Help people in dificulty and try to satisfy all people equally

What interests you about the Moderator Position?
I would like be a head GameMaster.I would like control all gm if he do well their job.
or I would like be a normal GM lvl 3 or 4 who can help people in their dificulty.
I want host some events and if you want help to code some commands or npc i'm able

What do you think is the most important role as a Moderator?
- I believe I display the traits that any good GM should display. Honesty, trustworthiness, friendliness, helpfulness, responsibility, maturity, and loyalty. I can be a goofball at times, but I can also be serious when the time comes. I am a friendly person, and I will help out any newcomers to the server. As a GM, it would also be my responsibility to solve problems between server players, which I can do with a cool head, and without playing favorites. If I screw up, I won't hide it, I'll tell someone about it, and have them fix it, while accepting any punishment without complaint.

Have you been a Moderator before?
Yes, I do indeed have prior GMing experience. I was a GM on MapleFlare v83. I was GM Adxrable there. (Hey everyone, look how original I am!) I don't exactly remember how long I was a GM there, but it was cut by the fact that the server eventually shut down. I quit Maple for a while after that. Being completely honest here, MapleFlare was my first, and only experience GMing MapleStory. I'm not going to make up any BS here. I have only been GM on one server. I no longer even have the proof to back it up as it was lost when the MapleFlare site was closed down. Since then, I have also forgot pretty much all the commands, but I have the GM book. If you would be willing to look past my lack of experience and the fact that I kind of forgot how, I think you'll find someone eager to learn how to GM again, and someone enthusiastic about making Breakingms a big success.
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PostSubject: Re: Gm Application [Adxrable]   Gm Application [Adxrable] EmptyThu Jul 21, 2011 9:15 pm

You do not meet the requirements. You need at least 55 posts.

GM Application denied.

Gm Application [Adxrable] 2d6tzxg

IGN: iPod
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PostSubject: Re: Gm Application [Adxrable]   Gm Application [Adxrable] EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 1:35 pm

The color really hurt my eyes. Couldn't even read.
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Gm Application [Adxrable]

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