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Server is closed forever. I got bored of development.

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 [READ] Guide to Unban Request Section.

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[READ] Guide to Unban Request Section. Empty
PostSubject: [READ] Guide to Unban Request Section.   [READ] Guide to Unban Request Section. EmptyTue Jul 05, 2011 1:08 am

Guide to Unban Request Section.

How do I know, if I'm banned?

There are 2 different types of Ban.

IP Ban.

When you enter your username and password then click enter, this message will pop up.

[READ] Guide to Unban Request Section. 28sbqzq

MAC Ban.

When you try to click your character and/or channel, the game will close and this will pop up.

[READ] Guide to Unban Request Section. T679k2

Rules for posting in an Unban Request

Thread Poster Rules

  1. Never create a new unban request, if your current request has not been resolved or denied.
  2. Only the account owner may request an unban. No friends, family or etc. Only yourself.
  3. The staff works very hard. Please, don't get angry if we don't look at your unban the second you make it.
  4. Don't lie because it won't help. If you tell the truth you may have a second chance if the ban wasn't a big reason.
  5. Don't post thread to ask us to read your unban request.
  6. Don't bump your Unban request thread.
  7. Don't double post. Use the "Edit" button, on the top right side of your post.
  8. Don't private message a GM about your ban, unless requested to.
  9. Don't leave a visitor message to a GM about ban reuqests.
  10. Make sure we can understand what you're posting in your unban request.

Rules for people viewing Unban request

  1. Only post on an unban request if you have proof supporting/not supporting banned user. Proof as in Screenshot or video.
  2. Never have conversations, in an Unban Request thread.
  3. Never insult other users. If you wish to have a "fight" talk elsewhere like private messaging or visitor messages.
  4. If you're just gonna post " good luck", "i hate you", " stay banned noob" and etc it will be deleted and you will be punished.

Bannable Offenses

List of things that get you banned.

  1. Hacking
  2. Scamming
  3. Packet Editing
  4. Custom WZ Edits
  5. Spamming nonsense
  6. Having a personal conversation over smegas
  7. Profanity
  8. Pornography
  9. Using any Third Party Progam that gives you an unfair advantage.
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[READ] Guide to Unban Request Section.

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