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Server is closed forever. I got bored of development.

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 Beautiful aka Kristy GM APP! (MUST READ)!<3

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Beautiful aka Kristy GM APP! (MUST READ)!<3 Empty
PostSubject: Beautiful aka Kristy GM APP! (MUST READ)!<3   Beautiful aka Kristy GM APP! (MUST READ)!<3 EmptyWed Jul 27, 2011 8:12 pm

Name: Kristy Kim



Location:Chino Hills, California


Email/MSN:so ima leave this blank cause when i put my email it says "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO POST LINKS AND EMAILS"


Hello BreakingMS! I am Kristy Kim! I am 15 years old and my birthday is on July 23! im KOREAN ALL THE WAY! I live in California but oddly I was born in Virginia! I describe myself as funny, weird, and friendly! My nickname in 8th grade p.e was CRACKHEAD! Im a 10th grader now...yes i old..BUT SOON YOU GUYS WILL BE TOO! Im not those wierd asian students who have straight A's Sad Im an unusual asian who get straight C's Very Happy ! Yes, i am a disgrace to asians Razz but IM PROUD OF IT! cause sometimes my stupidity can make people laugh<3 My moto is "Im mean to the people I love," so if im mean and make u bow down to me when I first meet u...that means i love u already<3! Okay..ima stop typing...b4 u guys leave cause im talkative!</3

How long have you played BreakingMS and MapleStory/MapleSEA?

I have been playing BreakingMS for a day so far! I want to play this private server until it dies out! Server quits before I quit<3 I played MapleStory?MapleSEA for about 4 years. Then I quited because after those 4 years, I was only lvl 53 so I rage quited...Then i found out about private servers! Now im obsessed<3

How long are you on the BreakingMS Forums?

I'll be on all day if I have too. I check the forum everyday. The forum is like the newspaper to me! Not that I read the newspapers...i use that for camp fires.... ANYWAYS the forum is very important to me because it keeps me updated on how breakingms is. I can also answer some questions that are asked..if i knew it....

How can you contribute to BreakingMS?

I can contribute to BreakingMS by making it a clean environment. I will ban all hackers. I can also break up fights. When people are fighting over things, Id listen to both of there problems and work things out. I'd also like to become friends with everyone on breaking and when i say everyone i mean EVERYONE! I will NEVER abuse the power I get as a moderator. I can also help make BreakingMS more populated!

What interests you about the Moderator Position?

To tell you the truth I love power Very Happy but i will never abuse that power. Id also like to make BreakingMS a fun private server for everyone. Finally, I HATE it when i see a hackers hacking and i cant do anything, but if Im a moderator I CAN WHIP THEIR BOOTIES!<3 I'd be UBER happy if I can help make BreakingMS a fun/clean environment!

What do you think is the most important role as a Moderator?

The MOST important role as a Monderator is trust. My definition of trust is someone you can depend on with the biggest or smallest things. People have to trust
moderator to believe in them. I can be that trustworthy moderator. We dont just have to be truthworty to players of Breaking but also to the admin. That how we will all bond and become a tight family<3

Have you been a Moderator before?

I have been moderator twice! First time..i made a mistake, and abused my power..but i learned from that. After i joined ActinoMS, it taught me how to help
others rather then "joke" around and kill them 24/7. I became a gm on 07/23/2011. it wasnt too long ago, but i enjoyed my time as a gm! I know most of the commands for a gm! Its saved into my documents..teehee i can be a dork<3
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Beautiful aka Kristy GM APP! (MUST READ)!<3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Beautiful aka Kristy GM APP! (MUST READ)!<3   Beautiful aka Kristy GM APP! (MUST READ)!<3 EmptyWed Jul 27, 2011 8:15 pm

Quote :
Must have over 55 posts, for your GM APP to count.

Thread closed.
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Beautiful aka Kristy GM APP! (MUST READ)!<3

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